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Neural Insights® 


Management Consultants, Researchers, Investors & Troubleshooters

Over 30 years of world-class consulting enabling strategic growth in complex, highly regulated industries. We deliver digital innovation, transaction solutions, angel investment, econometrics and quantitative modelling, troubleshooting, corporate mediation and contingent growth investment.

Our Services

Our Servuces

Leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital and data science, quantitative modelling and cyber-technologies.


Award winning team of investors, who have a track record in value maximisation, pricing and assurance for global stakeholders.

Risk Management

Design and implementation of risk management frameworks, regulatory innovation and compliance.


Enterprise Transformation

Creators of Enterprise Behavioural Analytics, Enterprise Dynamics & Enterprise Value Dynamics.

Strategy & Leadership

Board strategies and shareholder value growth. Interim Executive C-suite management. Industry transformation and new entrants across B2B2C. 

Contingent Growth

Contingent risk-reward strategies for your business. Success and dramatic transformation locked into a value contract.

Our Track Record 

“Absolutely unique amongst a cadre of over 5,000 global consultants in calling out issues and providing solutions for our  company launch.”


Challenger Bank

Our Track Record 

"Pioneers in the fields of machine learning, digital technologies and behavioural analytics."


“Absolutely unique amongst a cadre of  Global Consultants in calling out issues and providing solutions for our  company launch. Provided insights on our business strategy, operating model and technology infrastructure.”

"Visionaries who really know how to disrupt industries."

Award Winners


Financial Inclusion


Ready to find out more?

Globally, our results have contributed billions of dollars to the World Economy. With experience in nearly 40 countries across the globe, we have delivered within the major consulting brands and have partnered with the elite to create solutions that have impact and sustainable board level results. 

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